Friday, September 4, 2009

I know there's no excuse for how long it's been since I last blogged but man have things been crazy. I tore my anterior cruciate ligament or better known as the ACL in my right knee 2 weeks ago. I've been rehabing my leg so that I can have surgery, I just had to get it back to full bend and straighten. I have surgery this Friday and Robby is going to come home soon because he wants to take care of the kids, plus he just really misses us. Sammy is going to do another year of preschool before getting to go to kindergarten and JJ is going to try preschool this year too. Not much else is happening, when Robby gets back the plan is to join the Active Ready Reserves and try to get a job. I hope all are well and I will eventually get new pictures up but you know me eventually could be a long time.

Friday, July 10, 2009

lot's of fun

We did everything well we did lots and at the end of the day after standing in all those lines it felt like we hadn't done anything really. I kept asking myself what did we really do besides walk around ALOT. But hey, it was tons of fun and the kids eyes were as big as saucers the whole time which made it worth it. I'll blog more later it's midnight and I still have to get ready tomorrow for going to Utah on Mon. I'll have plenty of reunion pictures then, and I'll try to blog more tomorrow cause I need to get JJs birthday pics up here.

Then Sammy was in Fairy heaven, she of course made sure to get all their autographs. I don't have the pictures of Jon and Chris yet I think their on Rob's camera. They went off and did boy things while we waited a FUN (not) 1 and 1/2 to see fairies which only took 2 min. to see cause they were moving people so quickly, and you only got to see 2. The princesses only took 30 min. to wait for and you got to see 3. How fair is that, but Sammy's face and experience is priceless of course.

Sammy was in princess heaven, and of course I love this photo cause children have no clue where they put their hands, what is even better is that Belle has no clue either, they must really pad that dress.

My mom and I drove Robby crazy with the beach. Robby likes the beach he doesn't however like salt water so he generally stays on the beach which is no fun when everyone's in the water. Needless to say he had a hard time prying everyone else from the water. He was also frustrated because I love to look for shells and the kids couldn't be where I was most the time looking for shells so Robby was frustrated that I wasn't playing with them I know it's bad but I get really preoccupied when it's a challenge. We all had fun and my mom hooked us up with a killer time share down there, we had a blast.


So we took a trip to Florida and here's some of the pictures. Robby was actually able to go which I really appreciated well actually that was the only reason we took the trip was that Robby came home for 2 weeks.

I just thought Sammy looked really cute in this photo.

Fat lip

Don't they look so sweet when they're all together. I can't remember what happened exactly cause it was back in the end of April but Sammy started screaming, I think her and JJ had hit heads and he didn't have any problems but Sammy as you can see got a fat lip. I just loved that she looked like a turtle when she smiled.

Again it has been forever since I last update my post but when you're husbandless it's really hard to do. I'm just trying to make sure I remember to breath every once in awhile. I do have lots of pictures but depending on when you view my blog will determine when you'll see them. I'm currently having my kids watch a movie so I can now get to this but the movie's almost over so I'll probably have to update a little later tonight. Miss you all who are not near. Coolest thing ever Sammy has gone 10 days without sucking her thumb so far that includes night time also which is super hard for a kid and JJ is pretty much potty trained. He wears underwear all day just not at night cause we haven't gotten that undercontrol yet but he really likes wearing underwear. I won't be updating this anytime soon after I've updated this time cause we're taking a trip out to Utah and when I get back it will be chaos again plus I'll probably be constantly surfing the internet to help look for jobs for Robby before he comes back. It would be nice to know where we're going if anywhere before he gets back.
Thanks for all those who look at my blog.