Friday, February 24, 2012

I'm done posting for a little while I've got to head on with my day but I think a lot of the newer pictures are on my camera and that takes more time so again don't hold your breath.

These next photos are from Branson

I'm probably going in the wrong direction but this was the Branson trip we took last August.

I know it has been Foooorrreeevvveeerrr, but I have warned not to hold your breath. So here are some new pictures of the family. The first one is from Christmas. Sammy turned 7 in Dec. of 2011 and Anneke is now 13 almost 14 months old. She is sometimes going through the terrible 2s or as Robby likes to call it the terrible 2 years. Nevertheless she is adorable and makes up for it that way. I think it's just that she's getting all her molers at once. Hope you enjoy the photos.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

I don't really know how you all keep blogging. I barely have time to blog. I move every year and I'm usually trying to do school with Sammy, JJ will be going next year then I crochet, draw, take pictures (I barely get those printed off), and go outside with my kids. Then there's also the normal chores like laundry, dishes, keeping the house clean which according to my friends husband could use some work but I don't take the advice of husbands like that because they don't help out worth jack with their own families, thank goodness I am married to the man I love because he could care less what my house looks like (to a point of course no one wants to live in filth) but he helps me when I need it. That was a just a little vent for the moment. We look forward to living with our family in Missouri, I just hope my little family doesn't drive my parents crazy.
Don't count on this blog changing anytime soon at least until we get a job somewhere. If any of you have heard of a management job or even a job with hopes of becoming manager let us know.

Family photos 2011

Family photos 2011

This isn't in any particular order but here are our photos for Halloween from 2011.


We went sledding up on Robby's campus and it was a blast although Christiaan hated it and that's why I don't really have any pictues of him sledding. Before that we built a snowman and used crabapples for the eyes and mouth from the crabapple tree out back.

Sam's birthday

Sammy's Birthday was a blast I can't believe she's already 6. In a year and a half she gets baptized.

Crocheted Hat

I've been getting really addicted to Crochet. I started in December of 2010 and love it. This hat is actually for my sister's baby Jacob, hopefully it fits cause he's older than Anneke by 3 months, but it was big on her so we'll see.

My friend took some pictures to practice photography of babies. The one in the lace dress is Anneke in her blessing dress.

anneke's birth and pics with her

another year

I"m horrible at posting, obviously but here are some of the pictures that are important that have happened this past year. Anneke was born Jan. 13th 2011 and she weighed 8.12 pounds. Robby graduated Friday May 6th, 2011 YEAH!!!! Then we're moving at the end of May this month so I wouldn't expect any updates until we get somewhere settled. I'll be staying with the kids at my parents while Robby does some military stuff.
Hope you enjoy the photos.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Midway through 2010

I know it's been forever, a year to be closer to the truth but man time flies and I don't know how someone gets this all done. To recap the events that unfold below. We are now pregnant with number 4, yes it was planned. We're not going to find out if it's a girl or a boy we figure it will be more fun this way. I have some much to keep me busy that it doesn't bother me not to know, I'm just excited. We own a rooster and 5 hens, we used to have 2 roosters but we just recently butchered him, an experience I don't think I'll ever forget nor do I want to ever relive such a thing. Let me back up a little, the pictures in the beginning are of Robby's family. We were saying farewell to Robert and Nikki, Rob's parents, who are serving a mission in Sweden right now. I have some pictures of our first family camping trip, it was great. I also have some pictures of my garden. I cut off my first watermelon today, only to find out that even though it was huge it wasn't even close to being ready. It was still white inside with really big white seeds. We have green beans, and cantaloupe growing, plus we've been eating fresh beets and zucchini. I've already made two double batches of zucchini bread. We've had red onions and I was able to save a cabbage, the caterpillars have been getting into stuff. Then the last part of the blog is the Junction, Cougar Ranch family reunion. We had sooooo much fun. We got down there on Friday and camped out until Sunday. Oh I also forgot to tell those who don't know, we're in Logan, UT now. Well I hope you enjoy the pictures and we miss everyone.

The family farewell for Robert and Nikki Anderson. It was nice to have everybody there to wish mom and dad farewell. They are enjoying Sweden and love their mission which is great.

Christiaan pooped out at the family farewell for Rob's
mom and dad. He's so cute when he sleeps. He's also cute when he's awake but I love when all the kids are sleeping cause then they look truly peaceful.

These are our chickens. So far 3 of the 5 hens are laying eggs, the other 2 should join in soon. The black rooster is the one we butchered, his name was Oslo and he was a really good rooster. Cardinal is our Rhode Island Red and he's gorgeous. We wanted to enter him in the county fair but we just recently clipped his feathers to keep him out of other people's yards when we let them free range. The country fair won't even judge him with clipped feathers so I'm bummed cause he's beautiful. After butchering a chicken I don't know if I could do it again it was awful and especially since Robby and I didn't know what we were doing, but the kids aren't traumatized. Sammy personally wanted us to cut his head off so she could watch him run around I don't think she knew what she was saying cause I think that's pretty gross but more humane than what we went through. Sammy also wanted it to be Cardinal that was killed cause he's more aggressive.