Sunday, May 8, 2011

I don't really know how you all keep blogging. I barely have time to blog. I move every year and I'm usually trying to do school with Sammy, JJ will be going next year then I crochet, draw, take pictures (I barely get those printed off), and go outside with my kids. Then there's also the normal chores like laundry, dishes, keeping the house clean which according to my friends husband could use some work but I don't take the advice of husbands like that because they don't help out worth jack with their own families, thank goodness I am married to the man I love because he could care less what my house looks like (to a point of course no one wants to live in filth) but he helps me when I need it. That was a just a little vent for the moment. We look forward to living with our family in Missouri, I just hope my little family doesn't drive my parents crazy.
Don't count on this blog changing anytime soon at least until we get a job somewhere. If any of you have heard of a management job or even a job with hopes of becoming manager let us know.

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Elisabeth said...

:) Had to smile when I read this. It's like I can hear you :) I haven't blogged for over two years, but I'm going to try again. Life has just been so busy!
I loved the family photos :)
Love, e